Sunday, July 19, 2015

review of Grace Harbour Pack - Book 2

Grace Harbour Pack- Book 2 (BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance) Kindle Edition by J.K. SNOW (Author)
Now that Frank is awake and recovering, he doesn't give Seth a choice to leave town. Seth must take over of his father's pack until they track down the rogues that are within the Grace Harbour community. Callie is beyond frustrated with her step brother Seth but is also letting her hormones take the lead. They both must finally come to the realization that their attraction is more than just lust, but will they act on it? Now they have discovered why the pack can't track these rogue wolves...their scent is being covered. When they finally get a break and catch one of the rogue shifters, they soon find out that something is off. The rogue is too calm and will not shift back into it's human form. Was it trap or just strategy?

I was given a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review. This is part 2 of this series and I loved it. The characters in this story grab on and pull you along for the ride. There is also a level of suspense in this book that brings it to another level and leaves us with quite a cliff hanger. Frank is awake and recovery in the hospital. Frank asks his son Seth to stay and find the rogue wolves. Even though Dr. Hunter seems to be still chasing Callie, who only wants a professional relationship with him. This story gives more detail dealing with Callie's and Seth's feelings for each other. Seth is still trying to find out who attack his dad and why. The rogue wolves seem to be interested in Callie and her mother, which Seth is trying to figure out why. They captured a rogue wolf and when Callie uses her special power she learns some unexpected information. This series just keeps getting better with each part and I can't wait to read the next part. This story will keep any reader interested all the way to the end.

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